22. okt. 2011

BIFF 2011: Day Four

My fourth day at BIFF was terrible but at the same time pretty neat. The first movie of the day that I had intended to see (Womb) was just terrible. It's about these two kids that are sort of in love and have a special bond, that one day are separated. A few laters they reunite and the guy has an ugly girlfriend and he's suddenly an activist against some sort of shady biological institute that clones people or whatever (What area of the body do they pull this stuff out from?). So then they (the boy and girl) drive to one of these protests but then the woman suddenly decides she has to pee…and she gets out of the car. While she's peeing, the guy is hit by a car and dies or whatever. So then the woman decides that the only reasonable thing to do is to clone him and give birth to him so that they could be together again. You can't make this stuff up, yet they did... I'd probably do the same, which is something I thought about after I had left about 20 minutes in and went home to type bad things about the film on the internet.

I then went back later in the day to see a movie that had replaced another one (Alps replaced the shitty excuse to see Emily Browning nude (Sleeping Beauty)) which I was then informed was being replaced by yet another film (Meek's Cutoff) which looked like the most boring movie since The American, so I wasn't having none of that. So I left looking like I had come only to see Emily Browning's breasts; leaving disappointed over the fact that there was to be none of that, which I really wasn't.

I then went back for A Matter Of Taste; the only film I saw today. And it was just great. The main character of the documentary as well as the director showed up and took shitloads of questions from the audience which was awesome because the main character is a fucking cool guy and the director really knew her stuff.

A Matter of Taste, (Rowe):
This movie reminded me of why I go to this festival. Which is to see well-edited, smart, original and interesting movies. It also has the laughs, which are always good to have. A Matter of Taste is a documentary on the 3-star chef Paul Liebrandt's struggle to find an output for his artistry as a chef and how important it is to have artistic freedom.
What really sells the movie is Liebrandt's personality and passion for the food he's making, which looks and is cutting edge. So even if you don't give two shits about paying 200$ for 5 ounces of food, the documentary really is accessible, fun and interesting. It might even make you interested in the culinary arts.

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