20. okt. 2011

BIFF 2011: Day two

Beginners, (Mills):
Nearly perfect from beginning to end, Beginners is simply one of the best films released this year. Ewan McGregor is flawless in his role as the son who's trying to deal with his father's looming death, homosexuality and relationship with his deceased mother.
He also finds a love of his own that gives us some of the best on-screen chemistry seen in a while with Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds). Beginners is a complex drama with lots of heartfelt humor and emotion that manages to completely draw you into a different world for 105 minutes. It's really the dog that sells the movie though.

How To Die In Oregon, (Richardson):
This film takes on the difficult subject of doctor-assisted suicide with varied results. Like Armadillo on the Iraq war (or some other country filled with brown people) this movie feels more like a study of its subject made to provoke debates, rather than something that makes a real impact and sticks with you. There's really just too much of "this is how it is" filmmaking.
It's an important film no doubt, but not for reasons other than the theme it brings up. It is a touching documentary at times and it does feature some very interesting people, making it worth a watch.

The Interrupters, (James):
The Interrupters is a very good documentary on dealing with street-violence featuring some fascinating characters and stories. Although it might not be life-altering or something like that, it carries some neat life lessons.
It's certainly a very interesting and not to mention important documentary that shows us that street crime is a lot more complex and really a lot easier to deal with than it appears on the surface. It takes a little while to build up but it ultimately ends up being a very rewarding film.

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