11. mai 2011

2011: Unknown

From 2000 and onwards it seems that with each consecutive movie Lian Neeson starred in, he was trying to build a new persona as a ruthless action hero. And as with Taken (2008), Unknown doesn't fail in providing the thrill of a good action/thriller.

Following Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson) after awaking from a coma, trying to puzzle together why someone has taken over his life, is not only invigorating but it leaves us (and Harris) questioning just about everyone including himself.

Although it may seem like the movie is carried by its skillful actors; the direction of the movie does its share in keeping things interesting as the mystery unfolds. With enough suspenseful moments and exciting action sequences to keep the movie afloat.

Despite the fact that Unknown doesn't score points for credibility when it comes to the plot, it sure has enough firepower and eloquently conveyed twists to serve as excellently executed entertainment