30. okt. 2010

2010: The Troll Hunter/Trolljegeren

The Troll Hunter is a suprisingly good horror/comedy that thrives in its Norwegian setting, often with cultural references and shots of its natural landscape.
The movie plays like Cloverfield in the way that it lets the story transpire unnarrated by utilizing the "found footage" angle, leaving room for some speculation. Starting out as a documentary project, the story suddenly takes a turn for the surreal and supernatural.

The movie is an entertaining mix of satire and horror that has a few dull moments, and many exciting ones. It is also realistically told, with few clichés, and plenty of clever jokes about Norwegian folktales and even Norwegian politics.

However, It is weak in a few areas, namely not displaying any memorable characters, although interesting, or taking full advantage of its fascinating premise by creating more interesting scenarios or a better story. Despite this, The Troll Hunter is successfully excecuted with moments of genuine horror as the trolls do look quite realistic, created with top notch CGI.
This is without a doubt a triumph for Norwegian cinema.


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